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The system of "Web-thesaurus" is client-server development of the Thesaurus program, used to control knowledges. Its main feature is the use of WEB-technologies. Possibility to execute testing and self-training of student over the internet appeared due to it.

Descriptions and advantages:

  • possibility of the free use of “Web-Thesaurus" system by other educational establishments.

  • possibility of free publication of own tests is in the systemVSAU “WEB-Thesaurus”.

  • testing and self-training is carried out through communication internetchannels.

  • General availability of test base for an internetassociation (An exception is made by examination tests by passwords).

  • testing and samopodgotovka is carried out regardless of geography and place of location of computer.

  • "WEB-Thesaurus" – it is an effective instrument for the use in the school, stationary or extra-mural forms of teaching.

  • "WEB-Thesaurus" – it is a effective component of the controlled from distance departmental teaching.

  • Absence actually of the test program. In place of it is WEB-browser.

  • Absolute independence from the type of the operating system : working is possible even from a mobile telephone.

  • High speed of work even on bad communication channels.

  • Complete compatible functionality with program “Thesaurus”.

  • Comfort at creation of tests. They are as well as before created in the program “Thesaurus”.

  • Automatic work of z by the electronic checking of knowledges system (IntranetVSAU).

How does “WEB-Thesaurus” work?

  • WEB-Thesaurus” is working according to LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP).

  • All tests for “WEB-Thesaurus” are created by ordinary program “Thesaurus” according to common rules.

  • Zip-files of tests are converted to a special format and are publisded at VSAU server.

  • Thereon server the program “WEB-Thesaurus” is located. Work with it is carried out by an ordinary WEB-browser.

  • All of the published tests (except whith passwords) are popular and can be freely utillized by anyone.


  • Server program “WEB-Thesaurus” could be freely used by anyone in educational aims without limitations.

  • All of the published test programs (except whith passwords) are popular and can be utillized anyone without any limitations.

  • All of copyrights of published tests are saved for their authors.

  • A language of tests from strange authors can be any.


VSAU guarantees the publication of any test in any area of knowledge on condition that they answer the technical requirements of “Thesaurus”, and also does not contain materials of racist, pornographic maintenance or appeals to violence.

How to publish tests

Send your tests by E-mail to "thesaurus AT vsau.org". In a letter it is necessary to specify authors, educational establishment, area of knowledges, object, name of test, e-mail or ICQ.


Here is file in PDF-format (Acrobat Reader) with detailed instruction and screenshots of “Thesaurus” program.

Discussions and consultations


In Vinnitsa national agrarian univercity (VSAU) "Thesaurus" and “WEB-Thesaurus” are the base program education instruments. All of results of their work (independent work of students, examinations and tests) is automatically fixed by server scripts at MySQL-server. The real results are displayed on the main WEB-page of intranet-VSAU. The description of ideology and structure of all of the educational system are on this page.

In this document is shown the methodic of creation of laboratory testing, examinations etc. on base of the program"Thesaurus". Here they are the instructions on using this program both on a separate computer and in composition an educational computer network VSAU.


Download the new version “Thesaurus”.

(с) 2002-2010, Yevgen A. Palamarchuck, Ph.D, associate professor, Vinnytsya National Agrarian Univercity, E-mail yevgen.pal_at_gmail.com